Coworking Supported Year-Long Side Gigs for Teachers

Candy Factory Coworking supports teachers and their drive to create value for our children and community. But sometimes the monetary efforts in the classroom are not enough to get them through the year. So, teachers often seek additional employment, especially during the months when they are usually off of work. Traditionally, teachers would find seasonal work then return to just teaching during the school year. The gig economy has changed how people make money. Now, there are more opportunities to earn extra income from one’s home on a flexible remote schedule or through many of the sharing economy opportunities. 

Here is how teachers can leverage the gig economy to send extra income their way.

The Gig Economy

When people think of the gig economy, they may immediately imagine a rideshare driver, freelance writer, or part-time programmer. The jobs available in the gig economy, however, are broad and varied. While many people find success driving for Uber or Lyft, including teachers, the opportunities are not limited to these few outlets.

Almost every type of work can be done on a freelance basis. The flexibility of these jobs is a major draw for teachers who may simply want to make productive use of their time and are not necessarily interested in the commitment that accompanies a part-time job. And teachers, in particular, possess many skills that are marketable in the gig economy.

Freelance Jobs for Teachers

Anyone with a laptop can now tap into a vast array of freelance work opportunities. Sites such as, Upwork, and Fiverr are just a few of the gig-economy portals for short-term work assignments. Coworking also offers a great way to network and advertise your services — all while providing you the optimum environment to get work done.

There are numerous teaching-related gig economy jobs available:

  •       Tutor. This is an obvious choice, but the need for tutoring can provide income during the school year. Tutoring jobs are all over the internet, with the ability to work from your kitchen with a laptop via Skype. VIPKids is one online source for tutoring work.
  •       Essay writer. Businesses and bloggers often search for essay writers for hire to better present their ideas and thoughts.
  •       Test proctor. From college prep to professional certification exams, professionals who are used to conducting testing can do well as part-time test administrators.
  •       Test grader. Standardized test companies often need short-term freelance workers to grade their tests, and teachers already have a lot of experience with test grading.
  •       Writer/editor. A teacher is well-educated and possesses great communication skills.
  •       Trainer. Businesses and organizations have to pass information on to their employees frequently. Teachers know how to deliver information accurately.
  •       Sales. A teacher’s communication skills help them excel in jobs that require customer contact. Plus, teachers are adept at convincing children to make decisions, which can certainly help them persuade potential customers.

Many of these jobs not only provide income, but they are also educational opportunities for the teachers themselves, allowing for personal growth. Teachers may find a second career in their quest for extra money and, at a minimum, will learn small-business management skills, which are important for freelance success.

Another growing gig economy area is providing pet services. From dog sitting to dog walking, consumers are turning to the freelance outlets for pet care. Dog sitting and walking lend themselves to the gig economy since the required skills are broad and the main desired trait is availability. As a freelance pet care provider, a teacher can enjoy a flexible schedule, setting prices that they feel comfortable with and caring for only the type of dogs that they desire.

The best thing about dog sitting and walking is that pet owners need these services throughout the year. The flexible schedule means that sitting and walking can revolve around a teacher’s busy school year. During school breaks, freelancing teachers can increase their workload if they so choose. And with more and more people becoming pet owners, the business is poised to only grow in the coming years.

Your Options When Creating A Business

In order to launch a new business, you, our budding entrepreneur, must form a legal business entity. While there are more than 12 different entities recognized by state governments for you to choose from, generally the most common are sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLC, C-Corps, and S-Corps. Of these most popular entity types, forming a LLC has some distinct advantages, including its flexibility, security, and the amount of work involved to form a LLC. Though requirements vary by state, generally, a LLC can be set up in about five steps.

Candy Factory Coworking in Downtown Denver has teamed up with The Commons on Champa to provide the resources that they fight hard to provide to the community. If you are wanting to start your own business, or simply get connected to the entrepreneur community in Denver, let us know or connect with them and start making connections. 

The gig economy provides numerous opportunities for those with time and skills to share. Teachers can turn their free time throughout the year into extra cash and new skills. So whether you are in the market for resources to get started making extra money, or need a professional environment to escape to in Downtown Denver, Candy Factory Coworking is the perfect place to thrive in the gig economy.

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Guest writer: Gig Spark
Photo Credit: Pexels